Dr Muneeb Shah Biography, Age, Wife, DermDoctor, Parents, Origin, Wikipedia, Nationality, Ethnicity, Doctorly, Net Worth.

Dr Muneeb Shah Biography, Age, Wife, Derm Doctor, Parents, Questions, Wikipedia, Nationality, Fictitious Doctorly, Net Worth.

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Who Is Dr Muneeb Shah? Derm Doctor Tiktok?

Dr Muneeb Shah is sensational and controversial social media personality and medical doctor practicing dermatologist. Dr Shah as he is mostly called is famous for the accurate skin and health tips he shares on his social media platform, mostly TikTok which is why he has earned the name TikTok Doctor. You can check him out at Derm Doctor On TikTok.


Basic Information

Real Name Dr Muneeb Shah
Famous As Derm Doctor Tiktok (Doctorly)
Age 34 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth 24th June 1988
Profession/CareerMedical Doctor(Dermatologist)
Wife Dr. Mrs. Muneeb Shah (Obstetrician-gynecologist)
Gender Male
TikTok Derm Doctor(17m followers)
Height/Weight 5 ft 11″/80kg±
Ethnicity Asian (Pakistan)
Nationality American
Net Worth $1,000,000
Dr Muneeb Shah Biography

Dr Muneeb Shah Biography

Dr Muneeb Shah born 24th June 1988 is an American Pakistani medical doctor practicing dermatologist, professionally known as Dr Muneeb Shah but he is famously known as Dr Shah, Derm Doctor, Tiktok Doctor, Doctorly, and lastly TikTok dermatologist.

Derm Doctor aka Dr Muneeb Shah is of South Asian ethnicity but happens to be of American nationality as he was born and raised in Rochester, New York with his mother.

Dr Muneeb Shah embarked on his social media influencing journey from far back as 2019 as a student doctor before the wave of the 2020 pandemic lockdown which gave him the needed time and opportunity to fully concentrate on his medical content creation on TikTok and other social media platform.

He started out in 2020 with as little as 12+ followers on TikTok in 2020 and blew up the social app as he received overwhelming live from lots of fans. His official TikTok account Derm Doctor (Doctorly) has since then remained his only personal account.

As of the time of the publication of this post, Dr Muneeb Shah aka Derm Doctor (Doctorly) has gained over 865k followers on Instagram and a whooping 17 million followers on TikTok within a space of two years.

More interesting facts to know is that, the famous TikTok dermatologist (Skin Care doctor) Dr Muneeb Shah co-owns the popular YouTube dermatology tips and information channel with Dr Maxfield which they started in 2020 and have gained over 1.9 million subscribers and 690 million views. He also make video review of different skincare products.

Dr Muneeb Shah Married, Wife.

Who Is Dr Muneeb Shah Wife? Is Dr Muneeb Shah Married? Yes, Doctor Muneeb Shah is currently married to an obstetrician-gynecologist. Although he find it difficult to reveal the name and identity of his wife because he decides to keep her identity away from the media.

Although Dr Shah shares lots of pictures and videos of himself and wife having fun but he didn’t reveal her social media handle but you can find a lot of videos of the couple having a fun life together. The couple have been together as back as 2013. They also went to a Medical School together. This famous internet doctor will win your heart for his content and knowledge.

Here’s a little review about Dr Muneeb Shah and his wife from one of their followers on social media;

Hey I don’t know If you saw his tiktok/ YouTube shorts but his wife is Indian/Pakistani because in one she was wearing a lehenga for a function and looked Indian, a beautiful brown tone and he a navy blue suit. She’s definitely desi. Even on his Instagram he uploads a lot of Indian food clicks that i assume his wife makes BC he mentions her or @‘s her. So he is connected to South Asia through his wife and her family. I assume he does know that anything Related to South Asia means a lot of attention specially on YouTube so he’s playing smart.

Dr Muneeb Shah Ethnicity, Nationality

His ethnicity is close linked with Indian culture. Personally I think he just liked the bgm so added it. Personally when I saw this short a while ago, it didn’t really strike me as something Indian. Hair growth is not just an Indian thing in any way lol. I would understand if it was more related to herbal powders but the oils and stuff that he mentioned is used highly by foreigners as well. I’ve seen a lot of people from the ‘black'(I don’t mean to offend anyone here. This is just a word used for my lack of a better way to address these people. It’s just a general term now I guess black people, white people, brown people.) culture use it as well.

Dr Muneeb Shah is Pakistani American while he is of South Asian ethnicity.

Dr Muneeb Shah And Dr LJ Maxfield At Doctorly

The two practicing doctor collectively own and run the Doctorly YouTube channel that has over 1.9 million subscribers and 660+ million subscribers.

Dr Maxfield Doctorly real name is Doctor Luke Josiah Maxfield.

Dr Muneeb Shah Net Worth

With his actively growing social media channels and practicing his profession, we can not say exactly Dr Shah Net worth as of 2022, but he is estimate to have a net worth of approximately $2,000,000.

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Dr Muneeb Shah Questions

Where is Dr Muneeb Shah originally from?

New York.

Dr. Shah was born and raised in New York by his mother and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Hofstra University. He then moved to Florida to pursue his medical degree at Nova Southeastern University, graduating with Honors. His father was born in Pakistan, and his mother was born in New York. As a child, education and hard work were a part of his upbringing, but Shah said he couldn’t quite find his niche. He is not Indian.

Are Doctorly Real Doctors?

Yes, they are. Doctorly is a channel which includes a team of two dermatologists, Dr. Muneeb Shah (Derm Doctor) and Dr. Luke Josiah Maxfield. This channel gives a lot of great skincare advice on common concerns like ingrown hair or bumps on your arms, and de-mystifies popular ingredients like hyaluronic acid or witch hazel.


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